Friday, August 28, 2009

Support Local!

So the past few months my sewing machine has been driving me crazy. The buttons on the screen kept going in reverse. As in I select a stitch, it goes to the previous menu! Then whenever I finally got the stitch, and set my knot settings, to click OK I would have to click three inches above the button! Needless to say it was in dire need of service. Then it started switching stitches in the middle of sewing. That was the last straw! I took it into my local dealer to get serviced. Found out she was having a fantastic sale. Turn in your old embroidery machine, get the new machine at 1/2 price!
Luckily Sewing Santa found out (i.e. Mom) and bought me a new sewing machine! Oh how wonderful it is. The deal for the machine was Pfaff just released Creative Vision 5.5. The store had V.5 to sell and I was one of the few lucky ones to get it!
During my lessons to learn the new machine, which by the way is absolutely fantastic, I found out I am able to post my business cards there and a plush monster! Below is the monster I decided to show at the store. I got the front blue fabric and the yellow laurel burch fabric from the store, so thought it would be fitting! The monster also has a laurel burch pocket in the back to hold sewing supplies, ipods, whatever. He turned out really nice, and I really like the colors. Am working on a similar color scheme to sell.
The plush will be sitting in Scrap and Sew in Lutz, FL starting next week. Let's hope it brings business! Buy Handmade, support the local arts!


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