Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving right along!

I got a lot of important stuff done this week!

1. Accepted into Handmade Holiday Bazaar. My first craft show, very excited. It will be with a lot of ETSY FESTers (The Florida Etsy Street Team) Bought two cheap folding chairs today in fact. Next is the search for the best table.

2. Officially opened my business! I have "Handmade3D" registered with the state and IRS. I have a tax ID. I also opened my Small Business checking account. I'm really doing it! Very excited and a bit nervous. Main goal for Year 1 of Official Business = Break Even!!

3. To accomplish main goal #1, I want to get into more of a business mindset. I'm not jumping into this completely blind. I have base ideas and markets to start with. But to further my chances I ordered about 8 craft business books from the library to help guide my craft research! I will post reviews to them as I complete them. I want all the help I can get to make this not necessarily profitable, although that is a long term goal, but as a successful business.

4. Updated main shipping options for ETSY shop. Sadly my Pillow Monsters will have to stay at priority shipping due to their size, but I was able to switch to first class shipping for the rest of my items and in turn was able to cut shipping in half for those items. I hope this will boost my sales.

5. Since the summer months are slow online sales, finding this myself and through many other sties, I have decided to start working on my fall line. Need to get it done early so I can move on to my holiday line for the craft fair!

6. And finally, today I sent off my submission for STUFFED magazine. I had made a couple fun plushies this week but didn't think they were over the top! So I decided to send "Ulla." I think she encompasses my current style and passion for plush.

Lots of great things happening and can't wait to keep going!


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