Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book Review: How to Run Your Business Like a Girl

The past few days I started reading "How to Run Your Business Like a Girl." From the title I thought it would be a fun, inspirational book about women in business and how they run their businesses. I was mostly right. The book is broken into sections about starting a business, guides, being a boss, where you work, and so forth. However, the book does not 'teach' anything. I learned absolutely nothing from the book. For each section/chapter there are a few pages on the actual topic. Then there are three examples from women who run their own businesses describing how they reached the current chapter's topic. Then there is so anywhere from 2 to 6 examples of a questionnaire of other real life women who started their own businesses.

When I started the book I liked the format. I liked reading in depth how these three companies started. And then the individual start up questions and answers. But it go boring and repetitive fast. I found myself reading about these other women, who were inspiring, but not learning anything. The first few chapters were actually inspirational. But after that it seemed like the questions and answers just repeated themselves. And I got bored with the three life story sections. There is no actually 'running your business' information, just ideas from others.

The book itself is a very easy read. Under 200 pages, when I would say 50 or so of those pages are questions and answers. I wouldn't recommend it for learning about how to run a business. But it was a little bit inspirational for a while until I got bored.

Only good thing I got out of this book was two sales on etsy during the time I was reading! At least my shop is still going while I learn how to make it better!


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