Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the news & Atomic Happenings!

Last Friday's Art After Dark was a great event, and it even got me into the local TBT - Tampa Bay Times! Thanks TBT! I really appreciate you posting my shop link, let's hope it leads to sales!

More good news, I have been accepted to the Atomic Holiday Bazaar in December! It's a long way away, but so far my first scheduled show. So excited! I went last year to shop and saw amazing artists and a huge turnout. I will only be doing a table to help keep cost down so I must concoct more vertical displays. I think I will work on more wall art too, they are so cheery! Check out Atomic's blog for more info!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Embroidery Pin Holder and Art After Dark

Today I decided to make myself a little pin holder. I have started accumulating sewing pins for events and memberships I have joined. Instead of leaving them lying around, I created this quick rainy afternoon project to hold them! The doll is from Urban Threads, 20,000 stitch count! She turned out adorable!

I want to thank everyone who came out Friday night for the Art After Dark event at the Tampa Museum of Art. It went great and we had lots of fun! Here are some pictures from the event.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wall Art

For the month of April the below two pieces are being shown and are for sale at the Tampa Artist Emporium. I love making plush monsters but had the idea of plush collages of sort. Painting with fabric we could call it. Well, whatever we call it, they turned out fabulous!Each piece is 16" x 20" fabric stretched around canvas. My lollipop one was my first doodle and I still love it!
Big, big show this Friday night at the Tampa Museum of Art! Can't wait!