Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review: The Anti 9-5 Guide

This week I have been reading "The Anti 9-5 Guide: practical career advice for women who think outside the cube."

Overall I would call this book decent, for someone else. I did not receive any help from the book. I like how it is written and structured. Light hearted with many stories of other women who quit their long time careers to do what they truly wanted. Each section is inspirational, if you are still in the mindset of not liking your current job and needing the push to break out.

I am not in that position. I love my current job and its current hours. I hoped this book would be more about business advice on what to do with your career and company such as marketing and branding. There is a nice appendix to other resources of books the author recommends, one of which I am getting out from the library. But as far as business advice their is a lot of information on ideas on how to get information for your intended new career. And lots of advice of "out of the cube" working styles.

Maybe the reason this book does not work for me is I am not in a cube to begin with.


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