Friday, January 29, 2010

Handmade3D Munny

This spring my first show will be a Munny vinyl toy show at the Skatepark of Tampa on Feb. 27th. When I signed up for this event I was very excited about creating a munny based on fabric. I had all intentions of having my munny for sale at the show. That is no longer accurate. After I created this munny, she is now my munny.

I knew I wanted to create a munny girl. I wanted to use my signature eyes, which I knew I could probably draw on her. But then I thought my work is known for fabric, so why not make the eyes of the same felt I use on my plush dolls. From there I thought why not make a little dress for her. Then I found this awesome fabric that could be a bandanna. Knowing how small this outfit would be, I first made a practice piece from muslin to get the overall shape and size down.Once I had the template, it was time for fabric! I played with a few options, but found this stripe fabric remnant I had left over from a plush. I thought the stripes worked well for a skirt. On the pieces went and then time for the base. My original idea was for her to stand on a spool of thread holding a needle, which connected to the spool. I played with some spools I had, building a couple up, but it didn't look right. I bought the wooden spool off of etsy and filled it with batting and then the chosen thread color. I added her needle and button earrings.
She doesn't have a name yet, but oh is she crafty!


Audrey said...

She is so cute! I woulnd't be able to give her up either!


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