Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy Bee

This week has been very busy and very productive! I have a long list of 'crafty goodness' projects I want to complete and started prepping for some. I also have been ordering supplies, which three came yesterday!

Me being the non-quilter, has stumbled upon a wonderful fabric site. Even if you are a non-quilter like me, this site is amazing for its deals! Last Saturday I purchased a deal of the day, getting this jelly roll for $21.95!! I know, amazing. I love this site. All bow down to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. I purchased the Sweetwater "Make Life" line. Love the polka dots, designs, and words. I will be using it later on in a Jelly Roll Quilt. Not sure which one yet, but I just couldn't pass up on the deal! Great shipping too. Ordered on a Saturday, received on Wednesday.

The etsy shop has also been doing well, a nice little uphill climb for Valentine's Day. Three sales this week, including a custom. Below are the fabric choices as a sneak peek for a custom order. Should be a lot of fun to make, I am going to try something different for the eyes this time.I started sewing the sashing for the paint box quilt and have finished some content for a super awesome project, more details when it gets finished. I also experimented with making a tote bag. Turned out pretty cute, but not as big as I had hoped. Still cute, it will work as a library book bag.

I must now return to that pile of fabric. The plush is itching to be created!


Joot said...
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Joot said...

Sorry I had to repost my comment. Thanks for posting the quilting deal of the day. I hadn't heard of this site yet and am super excited to get some good deals on fabric!

Ellen Ault said...

No problem, it's such a great site to share!
I saw yours, great links on your side bar.

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