Friday, February 5, 2010

Crafty Goodness Day!

Today was an ugly rainy day, so to turn it around I declared a Crafty Goodness day!

First item completed - alchemy request for a custom ninja:Second item completed - Patchwork Cat I started playing with layering of fabrics and thought why not make a plush from it! I'm going to continue playing with fabrics like this to see what else I can create. She is available in the shop.

Third item completed - Sewing Kit zipper bag.In two weeks I will be going to the Tampa Sewing Expo. I am so excited! I went last year and had so much fun, learning new ideas and becoming inspired. For many of the classes I signed up for you need to bring a basic sewing kit of scissors, needles, etc. Last year they were stuffed in a bag all over the place - this year a nice little bag!

It's only 6 pm, I think I can get another project started at least!


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