Saturday, October 3, 2009

Status Update and Inspiration

I have been sewing like crazy! I think I will be able to make my goal of 100 for next Sunday, the 11th at Art-Oberfest. I have 34 left to make in 7 days, I think it can be done. See my work this week below!
There are a couple duplicates, but not that many. I love making originals! I used all of my small printed fabric eyes up. I still have a few larger eyes left over from my Gotcha's which I may or may not use. I have two black belly monsters sitting next to me waiting to be stuffed.

After sewing straight for a few days, well almost straight. Had to finish off a syllabi and work a little on a 3D project, but sure felt like sewing straight. Anyways, today my husband and I went out to an art festival for creative inspiration. He's trying to finish up his first level of his ipod game and I needed some inspiration to finish the last 40 plush. We went to an art festival and saw mostly the same type of 'florida' art we see at all art shows. But a few booths stood out, and one in particular. Please check out Ed King's work on his site! His work stood out from the croud, just like I hope to next weekend. He has some great, fun designs and I just love the line work. Fun bright colors have always appealed to me and now I'm inspired to make more plush! Creativity is striking again, time to get out my sketch book.


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