Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today was my first craft show! It went very well and was located in St. Pete. It was incredibly hot, but we had enough shade for most of the day. We did have to keep moving with the shade though! We ended up sitting on three different sides at different times!

First the setup, tons of energy and excited!
Up front we have the Halloween corner! So many people loved the mini mummies!

Next came the newest item, giraffes! Lots of people loved these, their necks are positionable so they can look anywhere!
In the corner we have the pillow monster and the another new item. Thinking about calling them hooded plushies, but not certain yet.

And on the right corner we had the pink collection. Be sure to look up! Those ninjas are sneaky hiding in the corners!
And here is the final result! In the pink closet organizer are more plush. Some small pjs and some belly plush monsters. The overall day was a lot of fun. I made back the booth fee and then some! Can't wait for the next show, but boy do I need a break!P.s. We were right in front of the food, great traffic!


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Glad to hear it went well!

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