Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September number crunching

I feel very fortunate to say that my sales again have increased 100%! I had two sales in August and four sales in September. Now I could be greedy and say one of those sales was an order of 3 plushies, but let's look at sales itself instead.

Now with the etsy sales, I made a high profit on ebay which was very needed for all the supplies I had to buy for my upcoming shows!

October's goal is to continue the 100% increase each month. Should hopefully not be a problem since I have a show on October 11th. I have 55 more plushies to make for a goal of 100 at the show. I think this will give me a good variety of plush to sell, but means I have to get sewing! I need to make 6 a day, back to work!


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