Monday, September 21, 2009

Banner Complete!

I am one step closer to my first craft show on Oct. 11th at St. Anthony's Park in St. Pete. I completed my banner over the weekend! I initially was going to have it made, but my motives with the business is to create plush designs by hand. So I made it myself!

The overall banner is quilted together, pink letters appliqued, and purple letters embroidered. Hopefully people will see it from afar and go "Let's look over there!" "Buy me a monster, Mommy!"


Plushroom Soup said...

Wow--I'm super impressed! I've been thinking recently of making my own banner as well instead of getting a new one printed, but it seems such a daunting task! Well worth the time, I'm sure. I would definitely visit your booth based on your sign alone!

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