Thursday, March 4, 2010

Schmancy Plush You Olympic Challenge!

I completed my submission for the Plush You Olympic Challenge today! I was assigned the 'Made Up Sport' category and at first was a little nervous about it. But after some brainstorming with my husband about winter sports for Floridians, we created the "Snowbirding Biathlon." Read on for the rules!

Welcome to the Snowbirding Biathlon!

To qualify for the Snowbirding Biathlon the participants must:

1. Reside at least six months of the year in the New England Coastal area.

2. Reside in the winter months in the coastal areas of sunny Florida!

3. Wear a penguin suit.

Snowbirding Biathlon Regulations:

Round 1- Carving on the Water

Participants must complete a round of carving on their surfboards, with at least three turns before hitting the beach. The more turns before reaching the beach will reside in higher points. The participant will be wearing the penguin suit to add difficulty for balance and turns on the board. If the participant falls off their board, they are disqualified for the round!

Round 2 – 50 yd Timed Waddle

Once participants reach the beach, they must sand their boards and race in a 50 yd penguin waddle across the beach. The waddle winner will be competing against the time runs of the other participants. Runners will continue to compete in the penguin suit, adding difficulty to the waddle. Deductions will be made for falling over during the waddle.

The participant with the best score of water carves and run time will be the winner!

Bonus points awarded for the following:

1. Squawking like a penguin during the race.

2. Oldest Snowbirding competitor.

3. Dismounting from the surfboard in a penguin dive.


pepper said...

Oh he's awesome! He looks ready to dash into that water and relaxed enough to chill with an icecream afterwards; so cute. I like your crafty list on the side there too, what a great way to motivate! Love your blog :)
x Pepper

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

He is just beautiful!

Audrey said...

Adorable! I hope you win.


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