Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holizaar Deux!

This past weekend flew by with fabric, festive music, and sales! Holizaar Deux was a good/bad show relationship. Here are some images of my space!The show was well promoted by Coralette, aka The Crafty Hag. We had some very nice traffic for day 1, not as much for day 2. Some errors that were probably unforseen and unavoidable was a fancy-schmancy white tent craft fair outside, a block away. With all those white tents, probably lost some views. Day 2 their was a charity walk going on, which closed some of the streets for an hour.

As far as sales go, I made enough to get back the booth fee and to pay for lunch. But that's it. No actual profit. The show was fun and I met a lot of great people, but I don't plan on doing it next year. I didn't hit my target audience and the space was too expensive. But it was still a great experience and hopeuflly will bring people back to my shop!

I'm worried about a similar occurence at my next show in two weeks. But hopefully with that being in Decemeber, more people will be thinking of Christmas gifts for kids and will buy, buy, buy!


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