Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hope Pillow Monster

I had the noblest of intentions for this monster! I made her to sell on Etsy to give a portion of the profit to my husband's cousin who currently is fighting breast cancer.

Everything was going great. I loved how her hair turned out as spikes, it follows along the back. The seaming around her mouth and eyes never came out so perfect before! The pleats on her skirt were nice and even. I sewed the skirt on and decided to iron the pleats to make sure they would stay straight. And wham, disaster! The iron slips and hits the fleece.

Of course this happens right before I am about to sew her up and there is not enough fleece to fix it. I moved the arms, they were originally supposed to be on the sides like my T-Shirt Producers monster, to try and help cover the mess. I put her in the pillow and stitched her up. From afar you can see nothing wrong! But if you go to pick her up she has a rough patch right under her arm. I can't sell her like this. If I was buying something like this to help cheer someones day and found a rough patch, I would would be disappointed and want my money back.

So instead of giving my cousin-in-law part of the profit, she will get the first Hope Pillow Monster. I hope it cheers her days and gives her something to hug when needed. And hopefully in the times to come I will be able to make more of these to cheer other women's days.


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